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TaylorMade R11 Golf Club Driver

TaylorMade R11 Driver

If you are looking for a driver that can take your shots from average to “bombed”, a driver that assists you with your accuracy or more importantly a driver that is truly customizable, then the TaylorMade R11 might be the right for you.

This golf club is the ultimate in driver optimization. One of the many great things that I like about this club is that you can virtually make it whatever you want it to be with very little adjustment. If you want to cure your golf slice, you can simply close the club face and adjust the weight. Let’s say the problem is with your hook, then open the club face and adjust the weight accordingly to fix your hook.

Here is a demonstration of the versatility of the R11 driver:

This driver will help you mask the mistakes in your swing whether you are a mid to high handicapper or a pro. One of the club’s unique break through features ensure the correct fit for every golfer, which allow you to maximize distance through proper face angle, loft and flight path. This is also known as the three dimensions of distance. I would suggest that you first try to use your club on the stock settings before making any changes.

Here is how TaylorMade R 11 can improve your golf game with the three dimensions of distance.
Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP): This will help you change the way your golf club sits on the ground without actually changing the loft of the club. Open, close or neutral are the three different choices that will help you drive the ball straighter.

Moveable Weights: The Weights enables you to tune the driver’s center of gravity to promote a draw or neutral ball flight. With the 10g weight in the heel and the 1g weight in the toe, you’ll get more of a draw bias ball flight.

Flight Control Technology: This allows for the adjustability of the face angle, lie angle and effective loft by simple shaft/head adjustments with 8 different club head positions from which to choose from.

Here is what TaylorMade’s Director Of Creation Tom Olsavsky has to say about the different technologies and the benefits of having the R11 driver and how it can help you.

Like all TaylorMade drivers, the R 11 comes in the standard version and a TP (Tour Play) version. The Fujikura Blur shaft comes standard with R 11. The difference between the two drivers is that the TP driver has a premium shaft. The TP shaft options is quite extensive and offers different shafts with different torques, flexes bend profiles and weights to fit different type of golf players.

The 9 and 10.5 degree are the two lofts available. This driver’s length is 45¾” long and can be played by both left and right handed players. The club head size is 440 cc; both the R11 and R11 TP have the same head size.

I have to admit that the cost of this driver may cause some players to hesitate in adding this driver to their golf bag. TaylorMade put a lot of research into this driver so that you can have a world class quality product. The use of this club will benefit from the beginner to the average Joe and even the Pro’s. By the way… many of the Tour Players are now using this driver.

So the question you may be asking yourself right now… Is the TaylorMade R 11 right for you? Only you can answer this question. However, If you want a driver that can be customize and you are having any of the following problems with your game, you should serious consider the TaylorMade R 11 to help you master your game.

  • Struggling with your accuracy
  • Bad shots because of slicing and Hooking
  • Not enough consistency and distance

After using this driver, your much improved golf game will be the envy of your friends and colleagues. The first time you hit the greens with this club, everyone on the course will take notice. Be nice and then share the secret with them. Now that you know how the Taylormade R11 can greatly improve you accuracy and increase your driving distance, be sure to get it today so that you can have it the next time you hit the greens.

P.S. After using the R11 golf club, please share your success story here with us in the comment box below. Thanks in advance.




Sand TrapHow many times have you tried to get the golf ball out of the bunker and close to the hole from long range? This shot is even difficult for the Pros to make sometimes.

When ever you are faced with the feared long bunker shot, a wedge is typically used to make this shot with a hard swing to get the ball near or preferable in the hole. Most times you simply hit the ball with too much spin, thin or fat.

Typically, a lob or sand wedge is used to make this shot. Make a easier golf swing by trying to power through the sand by opting for more club. This seemingly difficult shot can be made easier if you follow these simple steps below.

  • You have to choose a longer golf club, typically a 6 or 7 iron.
  • Open the club face slightly which will increase the bounce to the hole, then set your hands behind the club head.
  • With your head steady and your body quiet, swing down smoothly with your arms driving your motion. Avoid making aggressive movement with your lower body.
  • Without adding muscle power or leg drive impact, hit a spot about four inches behind the golf ball.
  • The low energy golf swing will produce a medium trajectory shot that will hit the green then release all the way to the hole.

Remember as always, you will have have to practice the bunker shot a few times until you master it. Happy golfing and stay away from the bunkers.


Watch as Phil demonstrate a perfect golf trick shot in a bunker using two golf balls.

Phil Mickelson Golf Trick Shot Swing

2011 US Open Champion

2011 US Open Champion

Finally, Rory McIlroy had a lead on the final day of a major tournament and this time he won BIG setting all sorts of records in the process.  He had a record 268 with 16 under par.  This will not erase the disappointment of the Masters at Augusta but will help him in the future when he finds himself in difficult situations.

This victory will go down in the annals next to that of Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach in 2000. Many are now saying that this victory is probably the best in the tournament’s 111 year history. We all will remember what we were doing on Fathers day  in 2011.

I think Rory will have a great career. He certainly has the tools, skills and demeanor to win many championships. Golf certainly has a new star other than Tiger woods. There are a lot of young players emerging from all over the world.  This will certainly enhance the competition among all the golfers.

Jason Day and Y.E. Yang will certainly be adding competition and drama in the near future.  So my friends, the future of golf looks bright indeed. If Tiger can get back to his old form, that will be something special to watch him compete against this young and talented crop of players.   Time will tell I guess and we all will be watching. Let me know what you think in the comment area below.



Once again Rory Mcllroy is in command with a big lead  going into the final day of play at the US Open Championship. I know many of you are asking the same question… myself included. Will Mr Mcllroy  have the mental strength to keep the lead and finally win a major tournament? Don’t get me wrong, I am hoping that he does because I can already hear the word “choke” being used to describe Rory.

I cannot lose sight of the fact that the other players are going to make a charge on his huge lead tomorrow to test his mental makeup.  Lets watch and see what he does and maybe, just maybe he finally pulls it off. Who said that golf cannot be exiting without Tiger woods.


Golfsmith - Best Brands, Best Prices

If you are interested in golf but have no idea how to begin, you will quickly learn that it is not rocket science.  The first thing to ask yourself is where to play.  Almost every community have several places where you can play.  A large number of golf aficionados who are inclined to play often join private golf clubs.  Beginners may find a private golf club too expensive for them.  Many local and state parks have golf courses that can be played for a nominal fee or even free.

Another concern you may have is about golf equipment.  In the beginning you won’t need to invest in too much in equipment or clothing.  Many private clubs offer equipment rental, in conjunction with golf lessons.  Local parks however, do not generally have a pro shop so they won’t have equipment that you can rent.  It is a good idea to inquire if you plan to use a state or local park golf course.

Khaki pants, a polo shirt and shoes designed for walking on grass are all that you need to invest in to be properly dressed for a round of golf.  Your golf shoes should have some type of textured sole would be best  you.  Timberland boots, jeans or sweats are out of the question.

If you want to buy your equipment, it is a good idea to consider a half set; a wood, usually a 3 wood, 3, 5,7,and 9 irons and a sand wedge.  Often you can pick up a good half set for little investment at a second hand golf shop.  Seriously, when you are first starting out it makes sense to be sure you are serious about the sport before you invest in a ton of golf equipment.  You may even borrow from or share with a friend while learning the game.

When it comes to sharing with a friend you could take it a step further and make beginner golf something you do with a group or as a couple.  Let’s be honest, you will have more fun and feel less silly with another novice, especially a novice you are friends with.

Once you have decided on where to play, gathered the proper clothing and equipment and have a buddy or two consult with a  golf pro at the course you choose.  The golf pro will best be able to advise you about golf lessons, prices, schedules, rules and all the other questions you have. Happy golfing!


You hit a few balls at the driving range or maybe putted a bit on the practice green, and now you want to take up the wonderful game of golf. Or perhaps you have been playing for quite a long time and just want to better your game.  Whether you are a beginner or seasoned Pro, or something in the middle, it doesn’t matter.  Most golf players wonder at some point if they should invest time and money to get golf training lessons.

Golf is a game of intricate complexities that work together to make or break your game.  The smallest change in your swing can have dramatic results, both good and bad in your game.  We must get help from someone else to help us improve our game since we cannot see ourselves the things we might be doing wrong.

It is amazing how many of us are willing to trust our game to friends and playing partners.  Most of them are not qualified to really help you improve your play.  Rather than the expert assistance we could receive from some golf lessons, we get the old usual golf axioms, “don’t raise your head” or “if you want to see a bad shot, watch it,” and so on.

Qualified professionals are most likely to help you improve your game.  You can find the perfect lessons to match your skill level, time availability and budget.  Group golf lessons at the local golf course might be the best investment for beginners.  For beginners, group lessons are a relatively inexpensive way to learn golf fundamentals like grip, stance, posture and swing.

Golfers that have some experience and are more advanced will get better value from one-on-one golf lessons.  A professional with a trained eye will not only be able to spot your flaws, but will be able to teach you what to do to correct you faults  and devise practice drills that you can work on to improve your golf game.

Modern professional golf teachers use computer programs, video and experience to help you improve your mechanics.  Computer programs have been designed to analyze you golf swing with the aid of video equipment. Your swing can be viewed in super slow motion so that you and your instructor can identify the smallest faults and develop a plan of action to resolve the flaws.

A Pro can examine your golf equipment and help you decide if it is the best fit for you and your game.  There are hundreds of different brands of golf clubs on the market to choose from. This makes it very difficult to select the best fit for you.  A professional will be able to pick apart your game from beginning to end and analyze your clubs as well.  Expertise and feedback like that will definitely help any player improve their game no matter the stage of your game.

If you are a true beginner and you cannot afford a golf lessons from a professional at this time, then the next best thing is to obtain your golf training lessons online.


A golfer’s dream is to hit the golf ball long and straight while avoiding slicing or hooking the ball. There are four sources of power in a golf swing.  To achieve the maximum power, these sources must be applied correctly and in the right order for you to be successful. Watch the golf swing tips video below to learn exactly how to generate maximum power with accuracy every time you are on the golf course. Watch now…

Golf Swing Power Video Tips – How to Get a Powerful Golf Swing Quick


Golf slice is a major problem for most golfers. If you want to improve your score, it is very important that not slice the ball. Watch this video and learn how to swing your golf club without slicing the ball.

Golf Slice Cure | My Lessons, Tips And Instructions To Fix Your Golf Slice

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If you understand the basic concepts of a golf swing, you will make better golf shots on a consistent basic. Watch this video to learn the correct golf swing posture,aim and positioning.

Golf Swing Basics Tips Video Lessons – Learn How To Improve Your Golf Swing