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Four Tips To Help Fix A Golf Hook

Learning how to fix a hook is pretty simple once you know what causes the hook severely to the left if you are a right handed player. (The reverse will be true if you are left handed)  There are a couple of reasons for the golf ball to hook off course.  The following tips will help you learn how to fix a hook forever.

1. So, what causes a golf ball to hook?  Counter spin.  A hook, for right-handers, is caused when the ball spins counter clockwise.  The faster the spin the more dramatic the hook will be.

Counter spin is cause when the ball is struck with a closed club face.  A closed club face points to the right for left-handed golfers and left for right-handed golfers.  The proper position of the club face is neutral and square at impact.

2. According to the experts, the first place to look for how to fix a hook is the grip.  An easy and quick way to check your grip is to set up with your driver as you normally would.  Look at your hands.  Right-handers should see two or three knuckles on their left hand. Not too weak and not too strong this is what is called a neutral grip. If you see more than three knuckles you are improperly gripping the club.

Now look down the club shaft to the face, the face should be square.  Chances are at this time it is. But if you do not have a neutral grip the problem comes when you are delivering your downswing.  As you bring the club to the ball your club-face will close as it impacts the ball and cause a hook.  It is important to keep the face square through the whole swing.

Anyone who would like to learn how to fix a hook had better begin with a close inspection and direct assessment of their grip on the club. A lot of golfers will just refuse to modify their grip or won’t expend the essential time to get accustomed the new grip, and at times lapsing into their old habits.

3. Once your grip is fixed check your balance.  Put your weight on the balls of your feet, not on the heels.  With your weight on the balls of your feet, your hips will rotate smoothly and you will stay balanced.  Being off balance has caused many golfers shot to hook drastically.

4. Right-handed golfers want to keep their left arm straight as the club impacts the ball and left-handers want their right arm straight.  This will keep the club face from closing.  Remember a closed club-face makes a hook.

Go through the tips one at a time to find the cure for your hook problem.  Hit several practice balls as you go through the tips.  When you make an adjustment, make a series of minor adjustments; take on new ones when you have mastered the last.

As you make the minor adjustments you will find your ball going straighter more consistently.  This will not happen overnight… it will take effort and time, but learning how to fix a hook is a process that will reward you with better scores on the golf course.