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Golf Chipping Tips | Lower Your Golf Score

Some golfers forget the importance of the short game. Here are some golf chipping tips and advice to help you better your golf game.

First, keep in mind that there is no “one pill” solution when it comes to chipping. There are just too many things to consider for an effective chipping.  For example, the distance of the hole, condition of the driving range, length of the grass, and so forth will affect your golf chipping.

Our first technique is what we call the standard golf chipping tip. You can use your nine-iron or just any wedge you feel comfortable with. It is said that a good chip is achieved when you are letting the ball fly for about 1/3 of the length in the air and then have it roll on its way to the cup. When taking the shot, make sure you play it in the center of our stance, hands well ahead of the ball, and club  face square.

If you want to achieve the soft shot, use the lob wedge or sand wedge club. As its name implies, you are looking for the ball to fly a bit further and to land softly, rolling its way towards the cup. You need your club face to open a little.  Always keep your hand behind while swinging and speed up the club head upon hitting the target. If you do it correctly, you will achieve the soft shot, sending the ball to fly high (for a limited distance) and land it softly, rolling a little.

If there’s too much green between the hole and you, the low chip shot should do the trick. Use the mid-iron (six or seven iron) in this case. Achieve a descending impact by playing the golf ball towards the back of your stance. It’s important to keep the golf club face positioned squarely and your hands in front of the club head. Sometimes, if you are too worried that the ball would go past the cup, low chip shot is best implemented. This shot gives you the needed roll once the ball has landed.

And as always, constant practice makes perfect. Try using all the available chip clubs,  from wedges to mid-irons. Keep in mind that each one has its own desirable setups and swings and the only way to use them effectively is to identify how to use them correctly. Put them to work the next time you are in the driving range.

Most golfers concentrate on using the standard and soft shot. Practice your golf chipping drills often and move only to low shot if you think you’ve mastered them. Again, it takes time and patience to get the hang of it, but once you put these golf chipping tips to use, you will achieve a lower score.