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Tips To Improve Your Golf Distance

The key to an excellent golf game is finding the best way to add distance and achieve accuracy to your every shot. Below are some golf distance tips that can add more yardage to your golf ball. Like all other golf tips, the suggestions below will only work if you actually go out and practice them.

First, remember that you should primarily aim for accuracy rather than distance.  The number of yards that your ball has traveled may be useless if it lands on a pool of water! Getting into the right posture before you make your shot is important.  Flexing your knees properly can help you shift your weight from the right to the left as you try and hit the ball.  If you are right-handed, you can try putting your left foot at an angle just several degrees toward the outside.  Doing so will allow your hips to turn completely, giving your body the energy to hit the ball with much more power.

The way you position your hands can also affect your golf distance.  After you have positioned your feet in a way that will help you swing your hips smoothly, focus on how your hands should hold the club.  As you put the club head closer to the ball, learn to release  with your right hand.  When the club head makes contact with the ball, do not put too much energy on your arms to hit the ball.  This is one of the most common mistakes that golfers make, and this usually results to a decreased golf distance.

The secret to adding yardage to golf shots lies in the speed of the club head. Although it may be true that players who are more muscular are quite at an advantage, using the arm muscles alone is usually not enough.  One golf distance tip is to use your hands more often rather than just your arms.  With this technique, you can easily add another  ten to twenty yards on your golf distance.  This can be used for both tee shots and fairway shots.

You can also try mastering the draw shot in order to achieve your goal of hitting the golf ball further.  A draw shot is when your ball heads to the right after it leaves the tee and curves to the left as it travels.  This creates a low trajectory, but allows the ball to roll further after it lands on the fairway.  Most professional golf athletes count on their draw shots to win their games.

As always, any golf distance tips can only work if it is practiced often. Go to the driving range and work on your swing by putting these suggestions into action.  There is no better way to perfect your golf swing than actually getting out there on a course and actually working on it.