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Golf DownSwing Tips | Guide To Improve Your Golf Swing

Are you aiming to perfect your downswing?  You can find a lot of articles written on how to improve your golf game, which usually talk about stance, the takeaway and proper follow through, but there are only a few discussions on golf downswing tips.

In order to put some distance to your golf ball, you need to focus on every step of your swing.  From the top of your backswing to the beginning of your downswing, you must try to achieve a smooth transition in order to give that power to your stroke.  You can then hit the ball confidently and forcefully which can really improve your game.

One of the most essential golf downswing tips is to know the proper hand position that can best help your swing. Some players often have the tendency to jerk the golf club as they reach the top of their backswing. This can cause a hook or slice which can damage your game. To correct this usual mistake, pause a short while as you reach the top of your backswing before you make your next move.  Focus on your hips, letting them begin the next move, followed by the rest of your body – your arms, hands, and shoulders.  You will notice your swing getting smoother and your ball reaching a longer distance as you manage to control your stance.

Remember not to let your hands lead your downswing. Instead, as your golf club hits the ball, bring your hand ahead of it in order to focus your energy onto the ball.  Once you master this stance, you can easily transfer energy from your hands to the ball, which is essential in achieving golf distance.

In order to achieve more impact for your downswing, you should also try not to let your head drift ahead of the ball. Doing so will divert your club from its intended path and will ruin your shot. Keep your head behind the ball and you will gain more momentum with your swing.

Acceleration of your swing should happen as you begin your downswing, but it should also continue as you aim to hit the ball.  Let your body move freely even as you strike with the club head.  The follow-through should be fluid in order to allow the club head to accelerate its force.

Once you have mastered these golf downswing tips, your golf game would definitely improve. Achieving a smooth transition from your backswing to your downswing is the key to achieve longer distance.  All it takes is a little bit of patience and time to practice these golf downswing tips to enjoy a better golf game.