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How To Cure A Slice

Fix Your Golf Slice

Fix Your Golf Slice Now!

How to cure a slice is the number one question for a lot of golfers.  Let’s be honest, there are a number of different ways to ruin a golf shot.  But there is nothing as infuriating or exasperating as hitting the ball and watching it curve wildly to the right and into the woods.

There is good news my fellow golfers… there’s nothing mystical or tricky about curing a slice.  Here are a few tips to banish the slice from your game… forever.

Probably the most common reason a golfer rockets their ball into the trees on the right side of the fairway is that they are in a hurry and don’t set up properly.

Take time to be sure your set up correctly.  Are your feet and shoulders lined up properly?  The correct set up for most shots will have your left foot under your left shoulder.  If you set up with an open or closed shoulder the ball cannot travel straight.

After you fix your set up, check your grip.  To cure your slice your grip should not be too tight or too loose.  If you clench your club too tightly you will restrict your swing.  If  however, you hold your club too loosely, your club face will move when it impacts the ball.  It’s best to use a firm grip.

Now look at your hand position on the shaft.  Get into your proper stance, take a firm grip on the club and look down at your hands.  Right handed golfers should not see any more and no less than two knuckles on your left hand.  Lefties should see the same on their right hand.

One more tip to learning how to cure a slice is to keep the club face square when it impacts the ball.  If it is open, the ball will veer off course.  Right handed golfers will see the ball veer off to the right.

Be sure your hips make a full smooth rotation as you bring the club through the downswing.  Remember to follow through the impact.  Keeping the club face square as it strikes the ball is key to a straight shot.  You can’t keep the club square if you don’t rotate your hips smoothly through all parts of your swing.  Rotate you hips through till you have a nice high finish.

Remember to keep your head down.  Many golfers lift their head too soon and send their ball off into the field.  An old saying goes, “If you want to see a bad shot, look at it.”

Swinging too fast is another common mistake some golfers make.  They increase their hand speed as they start their downswing, thinking it will add distance.  It is a fact that club head speed is important.  It is just as important that the speed comes from the whole body and not just the hands. 

For you to learn how to cure a slice you will need to devote time and practice to the causes of your slice.  Every golfer has a swing that is unique to them.  Take the time to find the culprits of your slice, narrow it down to one or two things you are doing incorrectly.  Once you have identified them you will be able to begin to unlearn the bad habit.  Then you will learn how to cure a slice.

You absolutely can learn how to cure a slice.  Devote some effort, time and patience and you will resolve your problems, score better and have much more fun on the golf course.