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How To Fix Your Golf Slice | 5 Tips To Help You

If you are having trouble about how to fix a golf slice, then you are on the right spot. Read on.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 1

We’ve mentioned in our past issues that there are lots and lots of factors that may contribute to slicing the ball; the most common one being the set up. If you want to play like a pro, align yourself properly to the target line. See to it that your left shoulder is lined up directly with the target. Failure to do this, even in the slightest deflection, is already enough to send the ball slicing hard.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 2

Now, before you swing, check your golf grip. So how do you know if you are gripping too tightly or loosely? It’s easy to tell. If you can’t see two or three of your left-hand knuckles, your grip isn’t right. Adjust accordingly. You see, if you’re gripping too hard, this limits the release when hitting the target. If the ball goes off the course, it means that your grip is too relaxed.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 3

To fly straight to the target, you’ll have to make sure that you are hitting the ball squarely. Partial hip turn will not help, and you end up with a faulty strike. The club face should hit the target firmly. Again, practice makes perfect and by you turning your hips fully will solve this issue.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 4

As always, take it slowly. Newbie golfers tend to swing the club too hard, in an attempt to gain the desired distance. If you want to do it the right way, avoid this technique altogether. What it does is only to open the club face, sending the ball to the right or left.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 5

The next tip is very basic, but many golfers tend to forget it. Whatever you do, always keep your head down until you complete the golf swing. Many golfers, especially the starters, lift their heads just before or upon the impact.

That’s because they want to see their ball in flight before completing their golf swing. If you can’t get it right, and you’ve done every single tip you could find about slicing, have someone look at your head while you swing. This could be the reason and you are not even realizing you are lifting your head.

It’s also possible that your right shoulder isn’t in the right place, causing your head to lift. It’s an auto response mechanism to avoid the impact of your shoulder to your chin. Practice proper right shoulder placement… This is very important.

There you have it; a few but highly effective golf slice tips that will help you prevent slicing. Put them into action in the driving range next time. And as always, keep making minor adjustments as is needed so that your golf ball will travel straight and high.

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