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Bunker Shots | 5 easy Tips To Make Them

Sand TrapHow many times have you tried to get the golf ball out of the bunker and close to the hole from long range? This shot is even difficult for the Pros to make sometimes.

When ever you are faced with the feared long bunker shot, a wedge is typically used to make this shot with a hard swing to get the ball near or preferable in the hole. Most times you simply hit the ball with too much spin, thin or fat.

Typically, a lob or sand wedge is used to make this shot. Make a easier golf swing by trying to power through the sand by opting for more club. This seemingly difficult shot can be made easier if you follow these simple steps below.

  • You have to choose a longer golf club, typically a 6 or 7 iron.
  • Open the club face slightly which will increase the bounce to the hole, then set your hands behind the club head.
  • With your head steady and your body quiet, swing down smoothly with your arms driving your motion. Avoid making aggressive movement with your lower body.
  • Without adding muscle power or leg drive impact, hit a spot about four inches behind the golf ball.
  • The low energy golf swing will produce a medium trajectory shot that will hit the green then release all the way to the hole.

Remember as always, you will have have to practice the bunker shot a few times until you master it. Happy golfing and stay away from the bunkers.

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