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Golf Swing Tips For The Left Handed Golfers

There are many golf tips for right handed players but it is nearly impossible to find good information for left handed golfers. As you look at the sites, e-books and other golf training courses, all are geared towards the right handed players while the left handed golfers feel forgotten and ignored. So in this article you will get some great and very important golf tips for lefties that are now learning to play the game.

Whether you are right or left handed player, the mechanics of the golf swing is the same. First of all you have to practice on your golf swing using a left handed golf club to make it accurate. It is not a matter of which side you use, you just have to master the mechanics of the golf swing and game fundamentals. As you start to master this aspect of your game, then you can try the more advanced techniques.

A beginner golfer must also keep your head down throughout the complete swing. This is both for left handed and right handed players. Many new golfers make this same mistake. They lift their heads to watch the ball and see where it is headed before completing the swing.

Rotating the hips… . Many new golfers make the same mistake as they do not fully rotate their hips and body. A left handed golfer must rotate their body fully to the right to swing with power. The hands follow when the right hip leads. The right hand should lead the swing, but the left hand finishes it.

Ending up flat footed or on heels after a golf swing is bad. Left handed golfers must do their swings with a complete follow through. If you are ending your swing on the balls of your feet, this means that the maximum power has been reached by full rotation by hour hips.

No golf tips for left handed golfers can be complete without having a discussion about course management.

You will come across some holes which have veers on the left or right. If you do not know their names, they’re called dogleg holes. A draw shot is a must to take care of them so your shot makes a curve as the ball makes its way to the hole. The curve is to the right for left handed golfers and to the left for right handed players.

If you are just reading and not practicing, do not expect anything to change on your golfing skills. You have to train and practice on the tips for right hand golfers and reverse engineer the instructions in order to become a better golf player.

All right handed players use right handed style golf clubs, but if you are a left handed player, you will need clubs design for you. There are many styles of left handed golfer clubs and you must use them correctly and appropriately for getting the best results when playing the game.