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TaylorMade R11 Golf Club Review

TaylorMade R11 Golf Club Driver

TaylorMade R11 Driver

If you are looking for a driver that can take your shots from average to “bombed”, a driver that assists you with your accuracy or more importantly a driver that is truly customizable, then the TaylorMade R11 might be the right for you.

This golf club is the ultimate in driver optimization. One of the many great things that I like about this club is that you can virtually make it whatever you want it to be with very little adjustment. If you want to cure your golf slice, you can simply close the club face and adjust the weight. Let’s say the problem is with your hook, then open the club face and adjust the weight accordingly to fix your hook.

Here is a demonstration of the versatility of the R11 driver:

This driver will help you mask the mistakes in your swing whether you are a mid to high handicapper or a pro. One of the club’s unique break through features ensure the correct fit for every golfer, which allow you to maximize distance through proper face angle, loft and flight path. This is also known as the three dimensions of distance. I would suggest that you first try to use your club on the stock settings before making any changes.

Here is how TaylorMade R 11 can improve your golf game with the three dimensions of distance.
Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP): This will help you change the way your golf club sits on the ground without actually changing the loft of the club. Open, close or neutral are the three different choices that will help you drive the ball straighter.

Moveable Weights: The Weights enables you to tune the driver’s center of gravity to promote a draw or neutral ball flight. With the 10g weight in the heel and the 1g weight in the toe, you’ll get more of a draw bias ball flight.

Flight Control Technology: This allows for the adjustability of the face angle, lie angle and effective loft by simple shaft/head adjustments with 8 different club head positions from which to choose from.

Here is what TaylorMade’s Director Of Creation Tom Olsavsky has to say about the different technologies and the benefits of having the R11 driver and how it can help you.

Like all TaylorMade drivers, the R 11 comes in the standard version and a TP (Tour Play) version. The Fujikura Blur shaft comes standard with R 11. The difference between the two drivers is that the TP driver has a premium shaft. The TP shaft options is quite extensive and offers different shafts with different torques, flexes bend profiles and weights to fit different type of golf players.

The 9 and 10.5 degree are the two lofts available. This driver’s length is 45¾” long and can be played by both left and right handed players. The club head size is 440 cc; both the R11 and R11 TP have the same head size.

I have to admit that the cost of this driver may cause some players to hesitate in adding this driver to their golf bag. TaylorMade put a lot of research into this driver so that you can have a world class quality product. The use of this club will benefit from the beginner to the average Joe and even the Pro’s. By the way… many of the Tour Players are now using this driver.

So the question you may be asking yourself right now… Is the TaylorMade R 11 right for you? Only you can answer this question. However, If you want a driver that can be customize and you are having any of the following problems with your game, you should serious consider the TaylorMade R 11 to help you master your game.

  • Struggling with your accuracy
  • Bad shots because of slicing and Hooking
  • Not enough consistency and distance

After using this driver, your much improved golf game will be the envy of your friends and colleagues. The first time you hit the greens with this club, everyone on the course will take notice. Be nice and then share the secret with them. Now that you know how the Taylormade R11 can greatly improve you accuracy and increase your driving distance, be sure to get it today so that you can have it the next time you hit the greens.

P.S. After using the R11 golf club, please share your success story here with us in the comment box below. Thanks in advance.



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