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How To Break 80

Golf instructions tips | Learn how to break 80 and improve your game

Golfing Tips

How to break 80… who hasn’t asked themselves that question?  Even dedicated golfers with experience find 80 an elusive almost magical number.  Pose the question, “How do I break 80” to 20 expert golfers and you will in all probability, get 20 different answers.

Players will make many different shots during an average round of golf. They will drive, putt, and everything in between.  One key shot you must master to break 80, is the tee shot.  A tee shot is described as any shot that is taken off the tee area.  Any club, from pitching wedge to driver, can be used to make a tee shot.

Most golfers who do not break 80 miss breaking this magical number because they don’t have a good tee shot, and lose too many strokes.

Think about this, your overall score will be ruined with only a few bad tee shots.  For example, you can count on a bogey if you slice the ball deep into the woods.  Your chance to break the magic 80 only comes by being proficient with all of your tee shots.

One other element of mastering your tee shots is to be able to control your ball distance.  Controlling distance makes it possible to set up your shots for eagles on the par 5’s and birdies on the other holes.  Birdies and eagles will give you scores in the mid to high 70’s.

Here are a few tips for maximizing your tee shots:

Practice your tee shots.  Spend some time experimenting to find what works and expand your cache of tee shots. You will then be able to overcome most obstacles to breaking 80.

Try different tee heights.  Begin with your tee set up high, then lower it to a medium height and finally low.  Most people find they gain added control with a low tee height.

Dedicate some time to trying various grip levels on your golf club.  You may find greater control by lowering your hands on the shaft.  A lower grip allows for quicker adjustments while you swing.

To break 80 you will want to set up a practice routine with all of your clubs.  Don’t forget to include the clubs you use on a short par-3.  You must be able to make a tee shot with any club, even your pitching wedge that is appropriate for the distance your ball needs to travel.

A number of golfers choose to use heavier clubs to break the elusive 80.  If you are going to move up to the bigger 460cc driver,  remember that you will need to take time on the practice range to master this club.

Don’t forget that in addition to the extra distance these heavier clubs offer, you have to maintain consistent control.  A long tee shot does nothing to help you break 80 if it goes off into a hazard or worse, out of bounds.  You are better sacrificing some distance for good control.

Allow yourself time to learn the proper way to make each of your tee shots.  Only patience and dedicated practice will bring down your score.  It won’t happen overnight, but you will see improvement each round of golf you play.  It won’t be too long and you will no longer be asking how to break 80. You will be answering that for everyone else.